Meeting Quirin Rohleder

Quirin Rohleder is a sports agent based in Munich, Germany and works in a talent management agency that represents some of the world’s best action sports athletes. Quirin spent a big chunk of his life working in the surf industry and still enjoys catching quality waves. 

Breakfast rituals:

Fresh fruit with my fiancée's cereal. She bakes it herself and it’s better than anything you can buy. Lots of nuts, oat, all sorts of seeds, a bit of Chia. Mixed with almond milk or even better, spelt milk. I try to stay as seasonal as possible, but the odd mango needs to be in there once in a while. And coffee… ;-) 

Perfect day:

Big stretch in the morning, healthy breakfast, surf before lunch, productive work while it’s onshore, late evening surf session when it's glassed off….

Keeping in shape:

I surf. Then I surf. And I cycle a lot. I do not own a car, so I cycle everywhere. It seems to be enough for now…


Lot’s of different stuff, from Ganstarr to Jacques Brel, to Ben Howard, to the Eels. 

How did surfing come to your life?

Cycled past this river in Munich where you can surf this standing wave when I was 13 years old. The rest is history. My life evolves around surfing ever since.

Any favourite surfing spots? 

Peckers and Browns. This is a spot near Hossegor. Lots of nude people there, hence the name.

The most memorable adventure:

G-Land, Indonesia. I never surfed a proper reef break before. For some reason it worked out well, but in hindsight, I think I cheated death a few times without realising at the time.

Famous pal:

You know what, I’m not really into famous people. But if I’d have the chance to have dinner with snowboarder Aimee Fuller, I’d take it, ha ha ha. No seriously, this is a really difficult question and I just don’t have an answer. Modern day politicians are puppets, I find no attraction in music or film celebrities, neither in sports stars. Actually, I got one. It would be Christopher Walken. He’s a bit of a legend.


all image rights belong to: Dieter Verstl and  Lars Jacobsen

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