Catching waves with Juhani Meurman

Juhani grew up in cold, but beautiful Finland far from high waves and all-year-round beaming sun. However, love comes in mysterious ways, and 7 year old Juhani fell in love with sun, sea and surfing. Sixteen years fast forward and two continents later, he's in London, making quark (that's right, Juhani is nutrii's co-founder and CEO!) and dreaming of all things beach. We talked about his training, daily routine and famous people he'd love to dine with!  

When you were a little boy: I caught the first wave when I was 7 on holiday in Hawaii and was instantly hooked. I've been on several surf trips since then and also spent a year in both Hawaii and Australia to be closer to quality waves. I've also had some surprisingly good waves in the UK just being out in the water in Cornwall is a nice change of pace from hectic city life. Catching a good wave is a unique feeling that's hard to get from anywhere else and it makes you hungry for more! If there is anyone out there in London who would love to try surfing, check out London Surfers Meetup group and join in for trip and chats about past and coming adventures.

Training in a big city: I go to the gym regularly but it's easy to get out of shape for the next surf session. I train 3 times a week and split my days between large muscle groups. I try to put emphasis on my upper and lower back as that's usually the weak spot after not paddling for a while. I also like going for a run just to clear the head. My favourite running spots are Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park and the Limehouse Cut.

Motivation: When running a business, you tend to learn something new everyday which makes things interesting. I'd be afraid to be in a job where there is little learning, life is a routine and you stuck in one silo. My biggest motivation is seeing people enjoying the product as well as gorwing and developing the business. In surfing, it's the ride itself that motivates you to push your own boundaries. Much of it is about overcoming fear and going for bigger and better waves.

Breakfast ritual: If I'm in a rush, I have nutrii with granola. Sometimes I have a bowl of porridge with a sliced banana and quark with granola to make it more substantial. During the weekends I may have an omelette as well or a stack of pancakes with some nuts and berries. I prefer starting the day with a good amount of protein to keep the hunger away for longer. I also love a good cup of coffee to kill the morning blues.

Famous pal: If I could choose anyone who to have dinner with, it would be Nick Woodman, the founder of GoPro. He is someone who has reached success through perseverance, hard work and not giving up after failing on his first venture. After his business crashed, he went on a surf trip to Australia and Indonesia to get inspiration for a new business idea, which is when he came up with GoPro. He started out selling GoPro’s from his van and grew it through out the years to the giant that it is today. I like his unconventional approach and staying true to the original vision of the company despite being a much larger organisation. Starting another company after failing must be difficult, but Woodman turned that into a learning experience that he applied on GoPro. Hard work and ability to handle risk and learning from mistakes are some of the traits of the founder that seem to have made the company what it is today.