Madoc Threipland on secret adventures in wild places

"We like water, we like fire and we like to explore."

Secret adventures is a wonderful travel agency, a gathering, a like minded adventurers club and an excellent way to escape everyday troubles. So far adventures included swimming over to a secret island to wild camp around a fire, kayaking at night under Tower Bridge and husky sledding in the arctic circle, Madoc Threipland, the organiser, shares with us his favorite moments captured in pictures and tell us why wild swimming at the end of cold and windy October is a good idea. 

Memory: I remember climbing a huge oak tree and seeing my father like a little dot at the bottom shouting "higher, higher!"

Inspiration: Your desk is covered with beautiful cabin photos, wild swimming guides, maps… Is this how you find new adventures? I love books. my sister chooses a book by how it smells! I like them for the photos and the reminder that there's a world beyond the desk. But generally i get my inspiration from talking to people, thinking about what i would like to do myself and taking a risk here and there.

Inner child: There's a certain kind of beauty in not growing up. you seem to be great at escaping everyday troubles. What's your best advice? Focus on the thing you love and you'll find others that love it too.

Will power: Wild swimming, cold October nights… were there times you had to talk yourself into going on an adventure you thought of at the first place? Sometimes, but the momentum of having 20 enthusiastic people following me into the water is the best way of not getting cold feet. Or getting fold feet. you know what i mean...

Food: What's your perfect breakfast? The best breakfast i ever had was millions of ripe baby mangoes shaken off a tree in Tanzania. We ate them for days and turned yellow.

 Playlist: What's on repeat? Night swimming R.E.M

Secret adventures happen every week. Give it a go and enjoy night time canoeing, gatherings around a fire and lots and lots of marshmallows. 

All images belong to secret adventures.