Meet Aimee Fuller

Aimee Fuller is a British slopestyle snowboarder and an Olympian. She is our brand ambassador and a huge inspiration.

Breakfast: My favourite breakfast is my homemade banana pancakes or waffles, topped with hot blueberries, plain nutrii and Wyldsson Almond Butter. If I am in a rush, it’s either a yoghurt on the go, topped with fruits, nuts and seeds.

Morning ritual: When I am at home, I love to wake up and get my training done first thing, I’ll either run 3 or 4 miles along the coastal path back home, it’s beautiful and really kick starts my day. If not I am in the gym by 9 and kick starting my weights session, which usually takes an hour and a half! 

Day: A day on the mountain consists of an early start, a good breakfast, stretching and then head straight up the mountain, when I snowboard I don’t like stopping so I ride for around 4 hours with a good crew of people, the GB Team, or some of my Roxy Team mates, normally we have a late lunch, just something quick, baked sweet potato, tuna / chicken, veggies. Afternoon would either be spent chilling, walking around the town or in the gym, with a recovery session, spinning the legs out on the bike, stretching and core. When we are training in the US we head over to Woodward at Copper it’s an amazing facility with trampolines, and foam pits, it’s the perfect reduced risk training environment. After that a good feed with the rest of the team! 

Good shape: In the off season I do 3 heavy leg days a week in the gym, that consists of squats, single leg squats, RDLS, Single leg RDLS, and various complex exercises, that session also incorporates core, and some upper body, but all body weight, chin ups, spiderman press ups. I run 2-3 times a week as well 3-4 miles, and then I do 1 gymnastics session at home as well as a stretchy / yoga style workout 2x a week. I take 1 complete day off, and the 6th day I spend with family or friends usually doing some form of sport, surfing, or road biking. Something to keep me active but just in a more fun and relaxed environment. 

Snowboard: I started snowboarding when I was 12, before then I always skied, I had always wanted to try snowboarding but at the time they never had any snowboards in my size. Growing up I did every sport you can imagine, from gymnastics, to rollerblading, and racing motocross from the age of 6, I think these sports gave me the perfect set up for snowboarding, the speed and air time from motocross, the aerial awareness from gymnastics, and then doing tricks on skates. I had no idea I had the opportunity to turn professional until I got noticed by my first sponsor Roxy when I was 16. I literally just started it for fun and I think that’s why I am so passionate about it now.

Outdoors: I honestly can’t imagine working in an office every day, I suppose it depends on what work I was doing, I love to be active. My dream job after snowboarding would be a surfer, if not a surfer working in the media and reporting at sports events! 

Pressure: I think it’s really important to try and find that balance, snowboarding is a fun sport, and you learn by having fun and experimenting with new things. However it’s not always fun when there is 70mph winds, it’s icy, 7 am in the morning and a contest day, it’s then you have to put your head down, find that zone, and battle through. Pressure itself should only come from within, I try to ignore all external sources and put it down to pressure I put on myself from wanting to perform my best.

Role model: I have lots of Role Models, Jenny Jones, is a good friend of mine and has proved anything is possible coming from the UK and succeeding on the world stage, Torah Bright, my Roxy team mate is the queen of style on a snowboard and makes it look effortless, that’s the key. In other sports, I really look up to the British cyclists. Lizzie Armitage, Victoria Pendleton, those ladies are so fit and it’s insane the hours of gruelling training they have to put in to be at the top! 

Guilty pleasures: (spill it!) It’s got to be a big plate of greasy nachos! I also love Granola…. used to think it was healthy haha, love the sugar kick from that so I go on the odd Granola binge, with tons of yoghurt and fruit! 

Travelling: it’s got to be on a trip to Australia with Jenny, we took a detour on the way home from the mountains and went to visit the Great Barrier reef, flying all the way to the other side of the world to snowboard, I had never been to Australia, so go there and see a shark on the reef was pretty epic. 

Love & Life: I think I lead a balanced lifestyle, sure my moto is work hard play hard, it’s definitely become more balanced as I’ve got older, I am very passionate about my nutrition and putting energy into my training, that just makes you appreciate those nights out on the dance floor even more! I love to have a good dance with the girls, a Vodka Tonic with the boyfriend, and a Sunday roast with the family! 

Inspiration: Snowboarding motivates me, there is so much I want to learn, and I love the challenge of pushing my body, there are some dreams of tricks I want to learn, if you can dream you can do it, it’s just about putting the right steps in place to make those dreams a possibility.

On repeat: Hideaway - Kiesza

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pictures from Red Bull Content Pool, Euan Baxter, Zach Hooper & Roxy