Up in the air with Agne Šimanskyte

Agne is a blogger at Red Bull and a girl that absolutely nailed any sort of board sport! We can easily spend hours watching her extreeeeeme videos - the ones where she's kiting are our favourites. Not only a rising international board sports star, Agne is also a businesswoman, she co-founded Board Sports travel agency and a clothing shop chain. We wondered what's in her fridge and asked her how does she fit exercising, personal life and business in one day. 

Breakfast: My favourite breakfast is oats with some fruits and yogurt - that's what I usually eat for breakfast - especially when I am travelling with my best friend Paula Novotna -  her oats are the best! 

Energy: When you are doing loads of sports it's important to choose what to eat - unhealthy food steals energy! Therefore, I am trying to be very picky when choosing what's on my plate. 

Routine: My days are very different and I travel a lot! If I'm not abroad, then I go to different cable parks and kite spots or head to indoor snowboarding dome in Lithuania, which is very exciting. Sometimes I miss having a daily routine. That said, waking up in my own bed feels like being on holiday! If I do manage to stay at home for a bit, then I'm never in a hurry - I take time to have long breakfast, grab a coffee and then head to “BoardSports” HQ to meet up with my team and do some office work. In the evening, I enjoy dinner with my friends at my favourite hometown restaurant called “Briusly".

BoardSports: BoardSports is the biggest player in action sports as well as in action lifestyle industry in Lithuania. We are not only owning the biggest shop, but we are also taking care of building a friendly community for people who love wakeboarding, kiteboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding… We are organising lots of events, camps, schools, competitions and sponsoring young talent. 

Everybody can get involved - they simply need to give me a shout and I will show them the cool way of living ;)

Moment:I love many different action sports, but my favourite one is still kiteboarding. I really enjoy “golden hour” sessions at my home spot called “Svencele" in Lithuania. 

Guilty pleasures: Wine. Guilty. 

Playlist: Beyonce - Love On Top :)

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