Who's behind kitchenJulie?

Julija is a busy urbanite, a model and the author of kitchenJulie, a place to discover wholesome recipes and get some inspiration for delicious homemade dishes (chilli con carne is one of our favourites!). We were curious to find out how she does it all between her travels.  We chatted about how to keep in shape, the cupboard essentials and cooking skills. 

Breakfast rituals: I usually have a light breakfast, for example some fruit, natural yoghurt or an egg with some greens and a rye toast. I am very excited to try nutrii and am sure it will become a part of my diet. I can already imagine myself simply topping it with some fresh berries, nuts and a drizzle of honey. Mmm.

Keeping in shape: Since about half a year ago I started training regularly and usually try to do it at least three times a week. Currently I do weights & cardio training at a local gym in North Greenwich, which also has become my favourite place to train in London so far. I have a group of gym buddies and there's nothing better than great company while working out. We also really motivate each other. 

On repeat: Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better 

Discovery: My most recent discovery was pilates - I really enjoyed training on pilates machines.  I would love to try yoga (yes, I am probably the only person on this planet that never took yoga courses) and kickboxing someday.

When travelling, is it hard to stick to a healthy diet?
It definitely is more difficult, but not impossible. Plan ahead: if you see that you don't have time to have proper lunch at a cafe, buy a wholesome prepared meal and take it on a plane. I would also advise to always have healthy snacks with you and don't forget to hydrate. I only drink water and unsweetened tea when I am traveling. Don't drink sugary juices as there's no nutritional goodness left in it and avoid alcohol - doing so will make you feel more energetic and fresh. 

Tell us a bit more about kitchenJulie?
KitchenJulie is a blog about cooking which I started a bit less than a year ago. So far it has been a beautiful way to spend my free time, develop new recipes and learn about blogging. I would like to take kitchenJulie to a next level one day, maybe even work on a book. There is still a lot to learn, but I am improving every day and who knows where it might take me. For now, all I can say is ,visit kitchenJulie if you want some inspiration on cooking and I am sure you will find something to suit your taste. 

How did you get into cooking?
It happened naturally. I think I had a good example in my family. For example, my father introduced me to interesting international products when I was quite young and I learned to appreciate them. Thanks to him I tried different kinds of cheese, olives, freshly made pasta, avocado, etc. It might not sound too exciting nowadays, but growing up in Lithuania and being able to say that you really like goat's cheese at the age of 10 is quite rare. Later on, when I got into modelling and started to travel a lot, I got a chance to visit different kinds of restaurants, try various cuisines and it inspired me.

5 foods you always have in your cupboard?
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, some fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, rye bread or rye crackers.

Apple slices with peanut butter and fruit in general, popcorn, toasted nuts & seeds, crisps that are popped, not fried. 

Best breakfast place in town? 
My place! 

Best coffee place in town?
That's a brave statement! I like Nude Espresso, Allpress in Shoreditch. :)

Cold pressed juice or a smoothie?  
Cold pressed juice. I like when it has ginger in it and is a little spicy.

A good cold pressed juice recipe: Cucumber, kale, lime, pineapple and ginger. :)

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