Frequently Asked Questions


What is quark?

Quark is a fresh dairy product, enjoyed mainly in the Germanic and Nordic countries and is now making its way to the UK. It's virtually fat-free and high in protein and has a thick and creamy texture. Quark has gut-friendly probiotics but does not have the acidity often found in greek yogurts.

How is quark made? 

The first step in making quark is adding cultures to skim milk which is pasteurised. The cultured milk is then strained with the whey liquid being removed. What's remaining is a smooth, thick and creamy product called quark!

Why quark? 

Quark is less sour, more filling and creamier than greek yogurt and has a higher protein content. This means that it keeps you going for longer. It's versatile and can be used as a healthy ingredient in cooking, baking, smoothies or by simply adding your favourite toppings. 

How to eat quark?

The uses for quark are almost limitless. It's perfect for breakfast, in a smoothie, savoury dishes or in baking. Check out our recipes section for more.

Is nutrii quark suitable for vegetarians?

nutrii quark work as great protein source for vegetarian diets. nutrii quark is made out of cow's milk and contain no other animal sourced ingredients.