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nutrii is a high protein quark snack. It's virtually fat-free, rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. We are proud to say that our products have no added sugar and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It’s made in Dorset using milk from non-intensive family farms.

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Where to get it

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About us

nutrii was founded by two young health enthusiasts looking for a healthy high protein snack to suit their active lifestyle. Both founders grew up in northern Europe, where quark has always been around as a quick and easy snack. We love to encourage people to live a healthy and active life without having to sacrifice taste. Read more about our story here.


What is quark

Quark is a fresh dairy product, enjoyed mainly in the Germanic and Nordic countries and is now making its way to the UK. It's virtually fat-free and high in protein and has a thick and creamy texture. As a fermented product, quark has gut-friendly probiotics but does not have the acidity often found in greek yogurts.

Brand Ambassador

Meet our brand ambassador British pro snowboarder Aimee Fuller.  In this mini documentary Aimee tells us about herself, how she stays in shape and how she prepares for the upcoming game season. 


nutrii is great for both snacking and cooking. You can eat it as it is, use it in dips, sauces, as a substitute for cream and it also works amazingly in desserts. We've come up with some great simple nutrii recipes we would love to share with you. Click here to get inspired.


nutrii is a healthy choice supporting an active lifestyle. We invite you to find a collection of conversations with great adventurers. Read on and learn how they spend their days and what's on their breakfast plates.